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Remembrance lesson plans

As the national champion of Remembrance the Legion is committed to ensuring that Remembrance is understood and available to every child and community in the UK.

We believe that we have a shared heritage of Remembrance, a Remembrance that brings people and communities together and recognises the service and sacrifice of so many of past and current generations.

That is why we are so delighted to have partnered with the National Literacy Trust to create a series of downloadable, free to use, lesson plans and assemblies aimed at Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 that can be used to explain to children of different ages and backgrounds why, how and who we Remember.


We have produced two assembly packs for teachers to use; a Remembrance assembly pack, and a Remember Together assembly pack.

The Remembrance assembly pack is for those teachers wishing to provide an overview to their pupils of what Remembrance is, and why and how we remember.

The Remember Together assembly pack explores the nations and peoples who stood by Britain during three great battles of the Second World War, for whom 2019 is their 75th anniversary; Monte Cassino, D-Day, and Kohima and Imphal.

For those teachers wishing to show the true diversity of the allied armies and to show how communities across Britain share a common Remembrance heritage this is the assembly pack to use.

Lesson plans

The Legion lesson plans commemorate the First World War generation - those who served, sacrificed, and changed our world.

They examine the many legacies that positively impact our lives today, from ground-breaking social change and timeless works of art to pioneering innovations.

All lesson plans are also available to download in Welsh.

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